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Smart In-Step System

Today we are leading the way in energy efficiency and sustainable production technology; our Lifeline Collection was developed with 61 patents and revolutionary environmentally-friendly solutions to become the World’s Greenest Spas. 

One of these is the Smart In-Step System which is comprising an Air-Source Heat Pump inside an aesthetically pleasing set of steps, the Smart-In Step system is a huge leap forward in hot tub energy efficiency, saving up to 75% on the energy costs of heating the hot tub.

Whilst heat pumps are becoming a more popular addition to modern hot tubs, displaying what is essentially a reverse air-conditioning unit in your garden isn’t the most attractive solution.

Wellis are the first to store the heat pump away inside the steps, which also light up in unison with the hot tub’s mood lighting – so they look the part – and include useful storage compartments for all your chemicals, towels etc. There is even a handy USB charger for your phone included!

The Smart-In Step with a built-in heat pump can heat or cool temperatures from -5°C up to +40°C, through which 70-75% of heating energy may be saved.

The Smart-In Step is included with all Life Premium and Premium Plus models but it is an optional extra to the Deluxe Life models and can be purchased with or without the heat pump.


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