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Hot Tub Time represents the official blog for Europe’s largest Hot Tub and Spa manufacturer, Wellis®

Since our establishment in 2003, Wellis® products have found steadily increasing popularity throughout Europe as more people change to a healthier lifestyle and demand high quality personal wellness equipment in their homes and gardens.


You may be surprised to learn that the renowned Wellis® range of “whirlpool” baths and garden Spas are produced in Hungary, Europe.


From early beginnings as a straightforward import/export business, Wellis® has quickly realised the increasing consumer demand for high quality products, not always available from current suppliers.

Wellis® have recently undertaken a multi-million euro investment to complete the construction of a green field high technology manufacturing facility near Budapest in Hungary.


With co-operation from their European partners Wellis® have designed and implemented a 7,000 square-meters production unit that includes several lines incorporating ABB robots.

We’re all about healthy living and a healthy planet, and we've got bunches of passionate people in our community doing incredible things. Join in the conversation!

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