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Life: a Revolutionary Range of Hot Tubs


The new Life range from Wellis stems from 3 tireless years of research and development with the objective of creating a truly unique and revolutionary range of hot tubs.

Wellis Life range sets a new standard in eco-conscious relaxation. Discover a world of tranquility, rejuvenation, and unmatched quality as you embrace the extraordinary features and cutting-edge technology that define the Wellis Life range.

Sustainable Production Technology


In the last few years, Wellis Spas have placed increasing emphasis on producing products that promote environmental-friendly and sustainable practices.

Their efforts are based on two essential pillars: the first one is to optimise their production process, and the second is to educate customers about energy and water-saving aspects, whilst considering the environmental factors.

In the process of their manufacturing technology,they pay special attention to environmental awareness, and so have completely eliminated the use of wood during the production of their products and have replaced it with eco-friendly recycled materials.


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