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Ideal for smaller spaces: Marbella

Our CityLine MARBELLA 💦 has four seats each equipped with different jet arrangements to ensure the various massage experiences suited for each user’s best needs. Despite its small size the Marbella is an incredibly comfortable and beautifully designed hot tub with all the power you need for a four-person relaxation.


💧 4x sitting places 💧 Wellis Smart Touch Control system 💧 30x Jets, 3x Lighting Fountain Jets; Waterfall; 💧 Exclusive chromotherapy lighting: 10x LED; Aromatherapy; 💧 Wellis SmartPhone application; 💧 Mymusic™ 2.1 sound system: with 2 speakers + 1 subwoofer; 💧 comes in six different shell and three cabinet colours; 💧 Dimensions: 1900 × 1800 × 850 mm

Find out more at about the Marbella here. Find your nearest dealer



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