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Wellis Jets

The hydrotherapy jets of our spas were designed to stimulate blood circulation, speed up metabolism and regeneration, and to evacuate toxins from the body. We also considered special anatomical aspects, and designed jets suitable for targeting the skeletal muscles and connective tissues that are most exposed to everyday loads.

Similar to the “tangentor” technique routinely used in rheumatology treatments, the turbulent flow of water increases the blood supply to your muscles, relaxing them, and thus speeds up metabolism and regeneration.

We use different sizes of hydro massage therapy jet with a number of different nozzle configurations. This provides for a varied massage experience from light and fast pulsating through to a slower deeper needing effect.  All the jets are individually adjustable for flow, and some can be tailored for speed and treatment area too.

In addition, our huge MagmaJET™ provides sufficient power to actually float on, whilst at the other extreme our heated air jets gently caress and rejuvenate. But let’s take a look at our different Jets and the experience they are give you.


Enjoy the experience of endless swimming in our new swim spa models! The river jets, equipped into swim spas are and the strength of the flow is adjustable, which allows you to control the intensity of the workout.


Our MagmaJet™ jet has the full capacity of a 3HP massage pump. You can lie on the surface and enjoy weightless flotation. The power of the MagmaJET ™ jet can be adjusted from a relaxing reflexology massage for tired feed, right up to a volcanic eruption of water that will support an adult to lie on and float in weightlessness. Thanks to the unique MagmaJetTM, you can experience total relaxation and flotation, and be regenerated by relaxing not only the neck muscles, but also all the groups of muscles in the core and taking a load off your joints!

TYPHOON 5” - 3” - 2” The direction of the Wellis Typhoon jets, to achieve a targeted massage experience, are adjustable one-by-one, they can be opened or closed.

TWISTER 5” - 3” Thanks to the Twister jets’ adjustable flow the interface of the massage can be customized. All you have to do it to pre-set the jets’ flowing radius. It gives you a real exciting, enjoyable massage experience.

MONSOON 5” Our seven-hole jet provides a circular massage experience. It massages seven points in a row, making the relaxation experience even refreshing.

TSUNAMI 7” This sweeping jet provides a very powerful hydro massage experience. Using it in a short intervall brings the expected results.

AIRJET 3” Focusing on sensitive areas. Even massage provides relief to sensitive areas. It always offers you the maximum comfort.


Our brand-new technology that brings physical massage into your spa. Imagine the fingers of your very own massage therapist pressing on your back. Very similar to the effect from a massage chair, these pods are not water jets but moving massage pods that provide a physical shiatsu type massage to the deeper tissues of the back.

The Vario Pods massage area, with its “patting” technique reaching deep fibres as well. The rotating head units, products of modern technical innovation, are able to reach larger areas with lower pressure, while fixed jets can massage body fibres more deeply. Several massage programs and intensities can be easily selected from a convenient touch panel and controlled independently from the hydro jets.



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