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Wellis Sustainability 

In recent years, our company has given increasing importance to the environmentally conscious approach, taking elements of the sustainability model into consideration. As we have the capacity to manufacture 100,000 hot tubs annually, it is vital that we apply all major aspects of green economy both in theory, and in practice.

Wellis® has gradually switched to the use and recycling environmentally friendly materials. For recycling, it is essential to selectively collect and recycle as much industrial waste and used equipment and components (such as water purifiers) as possible, and to reuse granular or powder-based extruders produced with stabilizers, dyes, and other additives. For this reason, we have acquired a special plastic grinder with which we can apply this technological innovation.


Wellis® is not deterred from technological change for more efficient and sustainable recycling, which is why the production of polyurethane foam has replaced glass fibre processes in the production of some spas.


Developments that reduce energy demand are already essential when designing products. This should apply in the same way during the manufacturing process as during use. Wellis® votes for more fuel-efficient pumps and is constantly improving the thermal insulation of its spas, to achieve the same or higher customer experience with significantly lower heating output.


We use 10-12% less plastic per year than our competitors due to our technical innovations. We also reuse the packaging from suppliers and reuse the pallets that are no longer used instead of scrapping them in incinerators.


By a similar principle, the heat pump system is also capable of partially recycling the residual heat, which significantly reduced the heat demand of the technology from external supply.


Today we are leading the way in energy efficiency and sustainable production technology; our LifeLine Collection was developed with 61 patents and revolutionary environmentally-friendly solutions to become the World’s Greenest Spas. 


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