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Wellis PeakLine Explorer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Our PeakLine premium Explorer hot tub was specifically designed for those who would like to combine relaxation with conversation. The Explorer also comes with the AquaSOUL™ Sound System providing amazing sound quality for all the music lovers out there with its 4 speakers and subwoofer. The reclining seats facing each other makes any conversation effortless. And the Wellis-designed massage jets add a little extra to the experience, providing you with a fantastic leg massage and an all-over back massage, ensuring tranquil relaxation for your entire body in the Explorer hot tub.

Create your own personal paradise!


💧 2x reclining places

💧StarSide cabinet with lighting corners

💧 Wellis Smart Touch Control system

💧 36x Jets

💧 1x lighting Waterfall

💧 Exclusive chromotherapy lighting with

💧 Starlight

💧 StarSide cabinet with lightning corners

💧 Aromatherapy;

💧 Wellis SmartPhone application with WIFI connection

💧 AquaSOUL™ Sound System

💧 2 pop-up speakers + 2 built-in speakers +1 subwoofer.

💧 UV-C water sanitizer

💧 Thermo cover

💧 Dimensions: 2130 x 1600 x 970 mm

💧 Comes in pearl white shell and grey cabinet colour.

See more on the Explorer here📱

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