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How to make your Valentine's Day special?

Stuck for ideas this Valentines Day? Trying to make that one grand gesture that would really set this day apart from any other romantic moment before this? Do you have (or would you be willing to get) access to a Hot Tub? If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above relax, Wellis have you covered – and we think this will give you some serious brownie points...

Valentines Day at the Hilltop Wine Hotel

Now, no two partnerships are the same. Some might like quiet nights in instead of heading on a last-minute escape; others live for the spontaneity, with even the smallest surprise making their love grow stronger. One thing is for sure:

No matter who you are, a soak in the Hot Tub on Valentine’s Day is a perfect escape from life for a night.

Here are a few hints and tips you can use to play Cupid and plan a special day for your partner:

Hand-write an invitation: It’s been a hard day at work, your partner might not feel super romantic. But try this: why not wait at the door with an invitation to join you for a soothing soak in the ‘Tub? Look who’s creating the right mood.

Set the scene for love: You’ve just had a delicious dinner, placed some candles around the Hot Tub and now it’s time to take advantage of the mood lighting and entertainment features of the Spa. If your spa is equipped with the Wellis MyMusic audio system, you can connect your hot tub to your phone and enjoy a sensual hot tub playlist created by you – for them.

Put the Bubbly on Ice: The jets, the steam from the hot water, the heat from the red-hot scene you’ve created. What could possibly be a better accompaniment?

A date in the Hot Tub makes for a seriously romantic evening, that may spill long into the night. But your Valentine’s Day surprise doesn’t have to be an after-hours affair. You can start the day right by surprising your partner with a beautiful breakfast-in-bed, followed by a relaxing soak together, just enjoying each-others company.

Enjoying a glass of wine in a MyLine Mars

Sometimes we forget to connect with such busy lives, children, work.

Make this Valentines Day all about your relationship, after all a soak in your spa not only offers a relaxing path to romance, but also revives an opportunity to connect with your partner through simply being together.

Expressing your love and lust through sincere and thoughtful language is for many couples out there the best gift you could receive this Valentine’s Day.

Blog post by Daniel Benjamin


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