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The Danube Swim Spa in West Sussex

We have visited Sue in Worthing, West Sussex, and she told us that she purchased her Danube swim spa because she is not so keen on going to public baths however she loves swimming. Therefore, the Danube was the perfect solution for her. Watch the video below where Sue reviews the lovely Danube W-flow. 

The Danube was installed by

Wellis Sussex, 23-27 Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3EF.

Ph: 01903 218 758

We have now designed two sitting places in our Danube swim spa, so you can enjoy professional swimming and unique massage at the same time. Versatile use, a perfect combination for swimming and children’s paddling. The turbine has extremely low power consumption with a significantly high flow rate which can be can be set to 6 different speeds. Exceptional solutions, available with semi cabinet design. W-Flow: specific training solutions with customizable swim features.


💧Gecko Control Box, Smart Touch Panel

💧24x Jets

💧6x Laminar Fountain Jets

💧16x LED lights+ illumin. control valves

💧 AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 Sound System

💧1 pc 3 HP single speed + Circ. Pump + Turbine

💧Smartphone App and WIFI Connection

💧Swimming Stick

💧 UV-C water sanitizer

💧Available in Stirling Silver shell and three different shell cabinet colours

💧Stainless steel frame

💧Thermo Cover

💧Dimensions: 4500 × 2350 × 1470 mm

More info on the Danube W-flow here

More info on the Danube Turbine here



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