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Say Hello to the cost-efficient Castor Spa

Introducing our new super economic model for 2024, the Castor Plug & Play from the Classic MyLine range. The Castor spa was specifically designed to represent the best value for money with exceptional durability, easy-to-use operation and large internal space for a 6-person relaxation.

This 13 Amp spa is equipped with 20 hydrotherapy jets and Central LED Lighting combined with an eco-friendly, cost effective and silent operation. 

Our Castor hot tub has ergonomically designed beautiful seats with 20 hydrotherapy jets focusing on the neck, shoulder, back and feet at the lounger. The Castor provides prime relaxation for your family at an entry level price.

·       Central LED chemotherapy lighting

·       24-hour filtration with Ozone sanitisation

·       Heat Pump Ready with Heating options, to reduce electricity bills by 60%-75% with an air source heat pump. Heat a tub in as little as 1.5 hours.

·       20 hydrotherapy jets

·       Energy efficient and eco sustainable. Recycled materials and three levels of insulation.

·       Heavy-Duty, Insulated Vinyl Thermal Spa Cover


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