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PeakLine Discovery installed in Yorkshire

In the video Steve explains how important to research before purchasing a hot tub. The model chosen depends on the number of users, the available place, and so many things.

Our top of the range Discovery Spa comes with all the luxury you would need for a personalised experience to entertain a larger group of friends. The unique illumination on the brand logo, the waterfall along the rim, the jets and the LEDs of the tub ensures an exceptional experience especially at night. A revamped filter house design allows you to enjoy your favorite movies on your tablet. Create your own personal paradise!


💧 1x lounger + 4x seats

💧 51x Jets

💧 Illuminated Waterfall

💧 16x Exclusive LED lighting

💧 Central Chromotherapy LED Illumination

💧StarLight™ Illuminated Corner Element

💧 Aquasoul™ Pro 2.1 Pop-Up sound system

💧 Smartphone App with WIFI connection

💧 Wellis Smart Touch Control system

💧Aromatherapy with Liquid Aroma

💧UV-C Water sanitization

💧Gecko Control Box

💧Thermo cover

💧 Dimensions: 2 180 × 2 180 × 970 mm

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