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How spa therapies prevent ageing ?

💦 Did you know not only our skeletal and muscle system needs care to balance everyday loads?

Our skin needs and requires attention, since everyday mechanical, UV and thermal effects may lead to skin deterioration and premature ageing if no attention is paid to regeneration.

Our Peak Line hot tubs offer more than six different massage hydrotherapy and colour light treatments in order to regenerate your body, stimulate metabolism, blood circulation and to evacuate toxins.

The different spa seats that we offer are relax massage seat, expert massage seat, cool down massage seat, focus massage seat, body flow massage seat and intenso massage seat. All these spa seats help different bones, muscles and joints in the body.

🌈Light therapy is included with some of the spas which helps to create deep relaxation.

We designed treatment areas within our tubs which offer different physiological effects in addition to pure experience. 💧 #wellistherapy



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