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Installing the Rio Grande swim spa inYorkshire

This customer had a 20-years old swimming pool which would have costed a lot of money to restore. They decided to go for Rio Grande swim spa instead which was installed on the day when we visited them. We have asked the installer, Craig to explain the steps taken to realise the project and why going for a swim spa is the best option of both worlds.

The Rio Grande features:

💧 1x lounger and 5 seats

💧 40 jets

💧 18 + 16 (LED) exclusive chromotherapy lighting

💧 2 × Wellis Smart Touch control system

💧 Wellis SmartPhone app with WiFi connection

💧 AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 POP-UP Sound System

💧 2 × 3 HP single speed hydromassage pump + Circ. pump (hot tub)

💧 3 × Gecko 2 speed + Circ. pump (swim spa)

💧 2 × UV-C water sanitizer & antimicrobial filter

💧Thermo cover

💧 Available in Sterling Silver acrylic colour

💧 And in 3 Cabinet Colours

💧 Dimensions: 6000 × 2350 × 1470 mm

See more specs on the Rio Grande W-Flow 📲

Find out more Rio Grande Turbine 📲

Please feel free to contact us for a personalised offer 📲



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