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How to heat up your hot tub faster?

Usually takes around 8 hours to heat up a normal size hot tub, but this could be longer or faster pending on different factors. But what affects how fast your hot tub heats up?

1. Your hot tub cover and insulation

2. The heater and the jets (hardware)

3. Outside temperature

4. Water chemistry

So here are four tips to heat up your hot tub faster:

1. Cover. Always put on the thermo cover. Leaving the cover on traps heat and help warm up the water quicker.

In addition to your thermo cover you could also add a floating spa cover. This can boost your hot tub’s insulation efficiency, blocks heat loss and speeds up heating process.

Our hot tubs are well insulated in the cabinet, but adding more insulation underneath your hot tub such as a floor protector will help with warming up the hot tub water quicker.

2. Jets & Heater. Turning on the Jets will help moving the body over more evenly therefore also speeds up the heating process. Make sure you hot tub is full and all the jets are submerged before you turn the jets on.

You can also consider upgrading to a higher capacity heater in your hot tub which can cut down your heating time by one hour or more, therefore uses less energy which will save you money.

3. Outside temperature. The warmer the outside air, the quicker your hot tub water will heat up. E.g. if 24 C degrees outside and your water is the same, it will take 4-8 hours to heat it up to 38 C degrees. Therefore, it is advised to start heating process at the hottest time of the day.

But at winter time or if you live in a colder climate you should just leave your hot tub running and keep the heater on.

4. Water Chemistry. Regular maintenance, checking your water, good pH balance and alkalinity will prevent build-up of limescale and scum and helps heat up your hot tub water fast.

🛑And lastly it is very important NOT TO FILL YOUR HOT TUB WITH VERY HOT WATER as it can melt and damage plastic parts, pipes and could also crack the acrylic shell.


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