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How much electricity your hot tub uses?

Did you know that modern hot tubs today use considerably less energy than older models thanks to their more efficient operation? Ultimately your energy bill will depend on a number of things: the tub’s specification, how many people use it, whether its indoors or outdoors.

If you cover the tub with an insulated top, it will use less energy to keep the set temperature. Also, a hot tub with fewer jets will consume less energy but then you’ll compromise on the experience. Naturally, if you go for more enjoyment, you’ll have higher power consumption.

This is also proportionate with the size of the tub. A larger tub will require more power to heat and to move a larger body of water, and to operate more jets. This will be reflected on your electricity bill. Using your hot tub 3-4 hours a week could mean an extra 100-120 Kilowatts on average.

Economical usage of a hot tub means it’s used continually at least 3-4 times a week to ensure steady heating. If we let the system cool down, it will require more energy to heat it up again than keeping it on a constant temperature.

Electrocution is not a safety hazard anymore with these appliances as there is double protection at the power source and inside the product. Lighting bulbs in the hot tub come with adequate protection and operate at extra low voltage which eliminates the risk of an electric shock.

Now, let’s go back to the question of costs. It does add to your monthly electricity bill, but calculations show that the amount is about three-four times less than if you had to fit the bill of a spa resort…. And it’s there for you to use whenever you like.

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