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Enikő Szekeres - Global Wellis Marketing

Eniko Szekeres, marketing communications manager at Wellis believes in the brand passionately. Currently doing her master’s degree in marketing at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, for her professional knowledge is just as important as the many years of experience. We were interested how the coronavirus changed the global marketing of the company?

How many countries are you responsible for as a marketing communications manager?

I've been at Wellis for 5 years. I got a picture from the CEO with the caption:

„Passion: Our Life is Wellis”

so, I don’t really count the number of countries or the amount of work, I’m at ease knowing that our feedback is great on the work we are doing from all our partners and managers. Last year, in addition to the Hungarian and European markets, the USA has also joined, so I can really say I am travelling around the world Wellis.

If you count all countries, how many colleagues do you work with?

As a marketing communications manager, I work with more than 500 colleagues. Communication is the driving force of the company, so I need to know and be able to manage the attitudes and mentalities of all our colleagues and help them communicate effectively. Thus, in addition to sales-marketing communication, I also try to put a lot of energy into effectively increasing our internal communication and our employer branding activity.

What are the workflows you manage, fall within your remit?

As a marketing communications manager, I am responsible for the domestic and international perception of the Wellis brand. It is up to me and my supervisor to decide how and in what light Wellis is displayed in the media. It is a real challenge, because as Europe's leading spa manufacturer, we reach a very significant audience, who will later become our customers or employees, so I deal with many different types of communication. One typical work day, would smoothly fit the production of a recruitment video to increase our workforce as well as the online sales promotion for the European market. I love both 😊

What kind of marketing does Wellis do in England and around the world? What is the most important area?

The coronavirus has completely changed the marketing plan for us as well. Fortunately, with our strong and successful marketing campaign, which our partners around the world have joined into, we have managed to ensure that we do not have to reduce the number of our staff, because we can provide a lot of work for our production lines. In recent months, our marketing has been limited to our online interfaces, what fortunately we have managed to shape very nicely and this way I think in 2020, despite the difficult situation, we have continued to build Wellis’ growing global brand.

You have been working at Wellis since 2015. Did you need any special type of experience for the kind of global marketing Wellis does?

I’m still studying for a master’s degree in marketing, because I believe that professional knowledge is essential in addition to the many years of experience. I’ve learned a lot in the last 5 years and I’m grateful to Wellis for giving me the opportunity to do that. I have always tried to move Wellis forward to achieve the best results. My dream was and I am now a key member of the marketing team of a world-renowned company so, I never felt tired and dispirited while building Wellis’ success. I can work very well with my supervisor, from whom I learn a lot professionally and I am very happy that he treats the creativity and fresh ways of thinking I bring to table with great interest and openness. We can work together perfectly this way!

What has changed since you worked here, the most?

The number of staff has nearly tripled in the last 5 years. Yet, we are continued to be a family-like-team that fills us with immense happiness. I like to come in to work, I love the trust people put in me and the kindness they treat me with, and this motivates me even more in the results. I have changed and so has Wellis. Wellis will conquer Europe and meanwhile take America as well, and I will be there in the background to support the brand’s flowering with strong communication.

At which trade shows can those interested meet Wellis products in the UK, Europe and the world? Why is it important to be present on tradeshows for Wellis?

They last met us at the SpaTex show in Coventry at the end of January this year. Although I am less involved in professional exhibitions - I promote them online - I know and see how much energy we put into improving our stands. We take part in more than 15 trade shows a year worldwide, so marketing has a huge task and responsibility in this, too, so that potential customers and partners can leave the Wellis stand with satisfaction and confidence!

What has been the greatest success of your work so far?

It may sound like a cliché but I cannot single out one to highlight. It has been a lot of experience and success already. International partner meetings for hundreds of people, worldwide marketing campaigns, filming at fabulous locations, opening beautiful partner stores. The biggest success is to come in to work in the morning and to see in the eyes of my colleagues how much they love me 😊

What does Wellis mean to you if you had to describe it in three words?



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Dec 09, 2021

I will spend the next year demonstrating my hot tub failures to my American community. I have a berlin model and find it garbage. The lights require you to push the on icon eleven times to get them to finally stay on more than three seconds, then the go off randomly. The wobbler jets last about thirty hours before you find little c clips in the bottom of the spa and realize one of you jets no longer wobble. The fancy touch

pad locks up requiring you to wipe it clean, after about ten times it locks solid reqiring a power cycle. Contacting support is impossible. blue tooth connection is a fight using an iphone. This thing is junk. I…

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