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Wellis Danube Swim Spa Workout

Have a look at this “#fitnessmachine” 💦 for a complete #workout! Our new 🌈Danube #swimspa design also comes with two sitting places for you to enjoy both professional #swimming and a unique #massage at the same time. The best from both worlds. You get many different #training solutions to choose from with customizable swim features but you also get a paddling #pool for the children☀️🏠. The turbine has extremely low power consumption with a significantly high flow rate which can be can be set to 6 different speeds. Exceptional solutions, available with semi cabinet design.


💧Gecko Control Box, Smart Touch Panel

💧24x Jets

💧6x Laminar Fountain Jets

💧16x LED lights+ illumin. control valves

💧 AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 Sound System

💧1 pc 3 HP single speed + Circ. Pump + Turbine

💧Smartphone App and WIFI Connection

💧Swimming Stick

💧 UV-C water sanitizer

💧Available in Stirling Silver shell and three cabinet colours

💧Stainless steel frame

💧Thermo Cover

💧Dimensions: 4500 × 2350 × 1470 mm

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