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4 ways Hot-tubbing Can Prevent Cold & Flu & Viral Infections

Hot Tubs are meant to be used all year around. For many people this is a typical way to relax in summer only. Well, this is a myth. The heating in the tub makes sure we don’t feel cold while sitting in the water. Admiring the snowy landscape, while breathing in the crispy air enhances the hot tub experience. By using the hot tub in the winter, you can drive out toxic substances from the body. So, when you detect the early signs of the cold just dip into a tub of hot water around 40 Celsius for 30 minutes, along with the perfect relaxation you have also done something for your health by preventing the development of a cold.

We shouldn’t forget about covering the hot tub, also you might want to consider installing a towel rack or handrails to help with getting in and out of the hot tub.

The top 4 benefits of winter hottubbing are below. 

1. Boosts Immune System

The warm water in hot tubs opens up the blood vessels therefore decreasing blood pressure. Due to the decreased blood pressure it improves blood flow and improves circulation. It also stimulates nerves to boost the immune system.

One of the common symptoms of a cold or flu is a fever. Fevers are your body’s way of defending itself from viruses. Soaking in your hot tub to increase your body’s temperature and induce a slight fever can help ‘boost’ your immune system and stop the cold virus in your nose from reproducing.

2. Helps with pain relief and improves healing process

Spa and hydrotherapy help healing the muscles and joints when they are painful or after an injury. The body floats in the water, reducing the weight of the body so that the aching muscles and joints are less pressured. The warm water widens the blood vessels, thus improving circulation and increasing blood flow in the body. The increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the painful area, this way reduces pain, stimulates relaxation and healing. The hot tub also heals the aching, swollen and inflamed muscles. After an injury, blood flow automatically increases in the injured area, which causes swelling. The warm water in the hot tub dilates the blood vessels to relieve pain.

People with chronic backaches find warm water especially helpful. Back pain is usually caused by tight muscles and ligaments in the spin. In a hot tub, the force of gravity decreases, so as the pressure on joints and ligaments with it.

Hydrotherapy can also help people with chronic pain by massaging the painful points of the body with the water jets.

3. Headaches

Pressure jets in a hot tub can relieve and prevent headaches from occurring, as they reduce stress and promote relaxation. Studies show that people who suffer from headaches, migraines or tension headaches can benefit from hot tub use because those types of headaches usually originate from muscle tightness in various parts of the body, and that tightness can cause headache pain or neck pain. The powerful water jets are stimulating the muscles in the back and neck, allows for muscle relaxation and serves to ease headache pain.

For those who struggle with migraines, a hot tub soak can provide a good dose of stress relief and a good night’s sleep, both of which are of great benefit. Usually up to 45 minutes in a hot tub at a time while massaging the neck muscles can significantly help reducing headache problems.

4. Detox your body

Hot Tub is a great way to rid your body of harmful toxins. Methods of raising body temperature to remove toxins have been used throughout history. Before entering the Wellis® hot tub, take a bath or shower and wash your skin with a loofah, a coarse wash cloth or a gentle skin brush. This exfoliation removes dead skin and helps the pores to breathe.

The hot water causes the body to sweat, the toxins are leaving the body with it and the water is washed away from the skin. It is important to drink plenty of water in a hot tub to refill your body fluid when you sweat. And do stretch while in the hot tub! Muscles relax and as they warm up, making the spa an ideal place to gently stretch any trouble areas.



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