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6 reasons to choose a swim spa instead of a swimming pool

Let's start with the obvious:

#1. Size 💧 The size of the designated area. Swimming pools take up a large space so if you have a smaller backyard a swim spa might be a better choice.

#2. Can use it all year around 💧 Another important aspect that a swim spa can easily stand against seasonal changes. You are able to use it all year long, especially if installed indoors. You can only enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool during the warmer months.

#3. Costs less

💧 The average maintenance costs of a swimming pool for summer months are almost the double of the costs of a swim spa for a year.

#4. Safety 💧 The safety cover can also make a huge difference in the costs. The swim spa comes standard with a hardcover, it protects your family and pets from unwanted accidents and you will not have additional costs.

#5. Long time investment

💧A Swim Spa can go with you if you move home

#6. Hydrotherapy massage seats

💧And lastly our swim spas are all come with hydrotherapy sitting places so you can also enjoy them as hot tubs!

Simply the best of both worlds💦


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