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Zoltán, Wellis Service Technician

"A Diverse job"

I am a qualified water-gas central heating installer, but I have tried myself in many other jobs. A good friend of mine recommended Wellis to me and his positive feedback on the company set me off to apply to work here. As a service technician, I am in constant contact with our customers and to this day I am happy with a successful commissioning.

"Customer focus"

Wellis products offer fantastic possibilities to people who want to maintain their health and harmony in todays overworked world. Wellis is able to constantly renew, which is also shown by the fast and innovative implementation of the products. In line with the service sector, it is really important for us that the customer is satisfied with our work.

"More and more experiences"

Very good friendships have developed with colleagues, which continue beyond the walls of the company. I am happy with my job, and what makes my time here even more special is that I can meet a lot of famous people and get to know very nice places.



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