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The Wellis Sound and Music

What could be better than relaxing in your hot tub and listening to some great music after a hard day’s work? All Wellis hot tubs are equipped with fantastic sound systems – all with Bluetooth connection to conveniently connect your device on.

The watertight elements installed in the sound systems of the Wellis hot tubs are of the latest design and highest quality. There will be no more trouble with CDs or Mp3 players, since you can connect to the built-in receiver unit from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Our MyLine spas represent the entry-level category of the Wellis brand: excellent prices, user-friendly experiences, stylish and well-composed looks. Currently 6 models are available to meet all of your needs and all equipped with MyMusic™ 2.0 sound system.

Our CityLine line is a perfect choice for customers for whom the proper balance of value for money and premium quality is important. Our compact models with their unique equipment ensure excellent wellness experiences for any family. Your MyMusic™ 2.1 Sound System with increased Bluetooth range, a more powerful subwoofer (300 W) and with a modern speaker design provides you with an amazing sound quality experience.

Our PeakLine premium quality models and swim spas are equipped with AQUASOUL™ PRO Sound System where the best sound quality meets the latest, cutting-edge design. Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection – e.g. a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop – can be connected to the AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System. For some of our CityLine, PeakLine and in all swim spa models, the sound system can be controlled using the SmartTouch control panel as well.  And the operation is so easy! You just push the top and that’s it.

And here comes some of the features: AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 POP-UP - 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver (120W) - Built-in subwoofer (100W) - 2 pop-up speakers (50W/pc) - 2 built-in speakers (35W/pc) AquaSoul™ Pro 2.1 - 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver (120W) - Built-in subwoofer (100W) - 2 built-in or POP-UP speakers (35W/pc)

What music should I listen to? 

All Wellis spas and saunas have speakers and a Bluetooth connection so you can play music in there and relax. As you are being alone in there, you won't run the risk of being exposed to someone else's horrible taste in music. 

To relax you can't go wrong with classical music. Here are some of our recommendations: 

That should get you going for starters. We should warn you however, although spas and saunas can be connected to your phone/iPad etc.  through Bluetooth, it's advised you don't take your gadgets in.


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