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Installing the Wellis plug&play Pluto hot tub in Saltcoats, Scotland

One of Kieran's friends when the lockdown started last year got a Wellis Malaga spa, and after spending a few times at his house enjoying it, Kieran figured that because they couldn't go to holiday last year they will try to enjoy themselves more at home. So, he decided to purchase our Pluto spa which was installed on the day we visited him.

The Pluto might be a dwarf planet but not our #Pluto! Our plug&play hot tub provides enough room for as many as 5 people and its 2x2 meter size is ideal for a family. The MySeat™ feature provides perfectly comfortable seating for both men and women and one of the seats is equipped with the MyJets™ design, which relieves neck and shoulder pains. Nothing is better than a relaxing massage at your home after a long day at work! 💦⛱

The Pluto features:

💧 2x loungers and 3x seats

💧 42x Jets

💧 16 × Chromotherapy LEDs

💧 1 × 3 HP double speed Pumps

💧 Easy4 (VL260) control system

💧 MyJet™& MySeat™ massage systems

💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System

💧Thermo cover

💧Available in 6 different shell colours

💧Cabinet Colour: Grey

💧Plug&Play Option

💧 Dimensions: 2000 × 2000 × 890 mm

Find more specs on the Pluto at ➡️

Please feel free to contact us for a personalised offer ➡️



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