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Wellis PeakLine Elbrus 230

Our most popular PeakLine spa of 2019, the Wellis Elbrus 230 is THE perfect #HotTub for you if you have a large family! It was specially designed to provide entertainment and #relaxation for as many as 7 people who can all enjoy the #spa experience offered by this exclusive hot tub at the same time. 

The expansive inner space has enough room for the WellDome™ foot massage to be built in the tub floor. With an #Elbrus230 you are on holiday every day of the year surrounded by people you love. Our #premium peakline tub combines a modern, cutting edge look with fabulous added features such as an lighting fountain jet, aromatherapy and a 2.1 sound system with 2 oval pop up speakers+ 1 subwoofer. The 78 jets arranged around the 7 #massage seats in different layouts, so an even larger group of friends and family can enjoy the refreshing experience at the same time. Comes in 5 different shell colours and three different cabinet colours…


💧 7x sitting places

💧 Wellis Smart Touch Control system

💧 78x Jets, Lighting Fountain Jet

💧 Chromotherapy lighting with 55 LEDs

💧 16x Exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting

💧 Pumps: 3 × 3 HP 1 speed 230V/50Hz

💧 UV-C water sanitizer with 2 antimicrobial filters

💧 Aromatherapy;

💧 Wellis Smart Touch Control System

💧 Wellis SmartPhone Application with WIFI connection

💧AquaSoul™ 2.1 sound system: 2 oval pop-up speakers + 1 subwoofer.

💧Thermo cover

💧 Dimensions: 2300 × 2300 × 900 mm

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