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Wellis MyLine Titan

‘Spa like a Titan’ in our three-person #Titan spa with exceptional comfort ensured by its ergonomic seats and extra wide head rests. Enjoy a perfect #relaxation time with the Titan’s 31 carefully arranged massage jets, the waterfall which built into the side wall of the tub, and its MyMusic™ 2.0 sound system to enhance the bathing experience. A true delight for people who prefer an undisturbed spa time with calming music. The easy #plug&play installation and its smaller size also makes the Titan an attractive choice for people with limited space. 📱<<<


💧 1x Reclining + 2x sitting places

💧 Easy4 Control Panel

💧Gecko Control Box

💧 31x Jets,

💧 1x Waterfall

💧 15x pcs LED lighting

💧 Central LED lighting

💧 Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system

💧Thermo cover


💧 Dimensions: 2010 × 1530 × 770 mm

💧Available in three different shell colours

💧Grey cabinet colour

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