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Viktor Kánya, marketing director for Wellis

Wellis can be described in one word: innovative. In the last few years, the company has experienced explosive growth in all respects: the doubling of its number of booked orders has also resulted in a steep increase in production capacity, which also requires sufficient manpower. To this end, we provide our employees with the opportunity to build their future with a leading European manufacturing company. Despite its corporate form today, Wellis retains its family atmosphere it has always had. Useful improvements that change people's quality of life for the better are the driving force behind our work.

We have asked Viktor Kánya marketing director about his time and future plans at Wellis.

When did you start working for Wellis and what are you responsible for?

I have been working at Wellis as a Marketing Director since 2006 but before that I was working for with the company as freelancer creating the design of the catalogues. I am currently in charge of a team of six people, but we expect to see a further expansion in the near future. I feel the need for a solid, strong teamwork between my colleagues, as I have big plans at Wellis for the future.

Is it challenging to work for Wellis?

Even though I've been working at Wellis for over 10 years, I can't imagine working anywhere else. Here I have a challenging and creative job that always gives me something new, so I never feel without task or challenges.

What’s the future plan in regards to marketing and sales in the UK?

This year our focus will be on the premium shops. Marketing wise we will only support dealers who sell exclusively Wellis products. We are planning to open ten new premium, exclusive Wellis dealerships UK wide including two in Scotland, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow.

Will Wellis change its marketing strategy in the post-Brexit UK?

We will be using our budget in a more focused way, meaning we will only support our partners and we will not have any central marketing action plan this year.

Apart from Facebook where UK customers can see Wellis ads?

Google Ads ad industry papers such as What Spa?/What Swim Spa? Magazine, Hot Tub & Swim Spa Scene magazine and of course in the adverts of our dealers which could be in any form eg. TV, Radio, Online, Print, etc.

Are you planning to have Sales Promotional Periods this year too?

Yes surely, we will have manufacturer promotions, but because of the grows in demand, there will be less sale promotions this year than in 2019. We are planning on having 1-2 larger campaigns this year, but the rest is a secret...

Which was the most popular Wellis Spa in the UK last year?

The Jupiter was the most popular MyLine Spa last year, this spa represented the best value for money for the customers.

From our CityLine range the Malaga was the most popular, thanks to its high specifications, internal ergonomics and aesthetically pleasing design.

From the Wellis PeakLine range the Elbrus 230 was the most popular, due to its extremely high specifications and its unique 7-person interior space.

How do you balance your daily life with work?

Since the beginning it was noticeable that how direct the staff were at Wellis. However, this is also applied towards managers. Anyone can ask for help from one another, there is no distance, just renewed goals and a solid vision. Over the years, I have always been able to balance my daily life so in addition to my work, I also have time and energy left for my family.



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