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The Kilimanjaro Deluxe installed in Brighton, East Sussex

Georgina was very impressed with our installation team especially because apart from having the hot tub there she wouldn't have known we've been at her house. Her teenage daughter uses the hot tub most in the family and Georgina is also happy with the tub's electricity consumption. Watch the video to find out how Georgina uses her hot tub and what was their favourite memory with it so far. With this hot tub model you can buy a really premium product in terms of size and design without the massive price tag.


💧 Fitts 6 person

💧 1 lounger + 5 seats

💧 52 jets

💧 13 exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting

💧 Wellis Easy7 control system

💧 MyMusic™ 2.0 Sound System

💧 2 × 3 HP single speed Hydromassage pump

💧 0.25 kW W-EC circulation pump

💧 Ozone water sanitizer & antimicrobial filter

💧 Thermo cover

💧 Available 4 different shell colours

💧 UV-Proof Wood Effect Synthetic Cabinet in Dark Grey

💧 Dimensions: 2300 × 2300 × 940 mm



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