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Massage Seats and Ergonomics

Our research group designed treatment areas within the tubs which offer different physiological effects in addition to pure experience. Various sitting and reclining places can be formed through customised design of the different jets, each offering specific massage therapies.

Our spas are designed, not just to look beautiful, but also to exceed all the norms for high quality hydro massage and ergonomics. We work with office seating experts and therapists from several fields to arrive at the optimal shape for our spa seats. The form of the seats matches the body shape so that you can spend even more hours in the spa. Next, we vary that shape, station by station to accommodate the differing physical sizes of our customers and their families.  We carefully set the jet positions and performance characteristics to suit the particular target muscle group.

The result is a range of hydrotherapy stations that fit a wide range of physiques, provide highly effective hydro massage to all the right places, and are exceptionally pleasant and comfortable places to sit or lay. (The placement of the jets might differ at different models.)

Our spas offer the following massage seats.

RELAX massage seat The numerous jets of this extraordinary body massage seat are carefully positioned to massage your neck, shoulders, back, hip and thigh. It targets the regeneration of the shoulder girdle and the longitudinal trunk muscle tissues, as well as the hip flexor muscles and the knee extensor muscles – the muscle groups most exposed to everyday loads.

EXPERT massage seat Back massage on advanced level. With the adjustable direction and strength of the jets everyone can customize this massage place, which was developed especially for back massage and has proven physiological effects on the user.

COOL DOWN massage seat Sometimes it’s the best just to relax a bit on the edge of the pool after a full body massage or an exhausting exercise in the water. The armchair design provides relaxation after training; its psychical and calming effect should be mentioned in addition to the recovery of physiological functions.

FOCUS massage seat The daily tedious work, all-day office activities cause many of us uncomfortable, cramping feeling in our back, around the waist. This massage place focus on the upper body, on this critical area to help you relax, dissolve the accumulated stress at the end of a long day. It offers its user an experience similar to the Expert effect, relaxing the longitudinal trunk muscle tissues, and passively exercising the hip and the thigh flexor and extensor muscle groups.

BODY FLOW massage seat This ergonomically designed therapeutic massage lounge provides luxurious comfort, whilst its carefully placed jets provide a superior massage experience for the entire body. The massage seat with the most intensive physiological effect; in addition to the trunk’s muscle fibres, it also has effects on venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower limbs, in this way bringing relief to vein valves

INTENSO massage seat The most invigorating and refreshing massage spot. Professional athletes, sport fans and anyone looking for intense hydro massage will enjoy the experience provided by our intenso seat. It concentrates especially on the back and leg muscles. The favourite of professional athletes. After exhaustive and intensive training, it ensures the regeneration of the most critical areas, the back and leg muscles.

PULSAR™ massage system

Enhances the WELLIS experience! The PULSAR™ Massage System lets you choose from 9 different massage programs in one of the spas seats or beds. Simply select the program and speed and the jets will pulse on and off to send the massage up and down your body. The solenoid valves rhythmically open and close the jets, creating a pulsating massage moving along the body of the bather. This pulsating movement brings many of the benefits of hand massage in assisting and stimulating blood circulation and the flushing of toxins from the body – apart from just being wonderfully relaxing too! Hydro-massage tailored just for you. The Pulsar™ massage system is unique to the Wellis Everest and Olympus spas.

Another exciting development is the Vario Pods massage area, with its “patting” technique reaching deep fibres as well.


A brand-new technology from WELLIS that brings physical massage into your spa. Imagine the fingers of your very own massage therapist pressing on your back. Very similar to the effect from a massage chair, these pods are not water jets but moving massage pods that provide a physical shiatsu type massage to the deeper tissues of the back. Several massage programs and intensities can be easily selected from a convenient touch panel and controlled independently from the hydro jets.

The Vario Pods massage area, with its “patting” technique reaching deep fibres as well. The rotating head units, products of modern technical innovation, are able to reach larger areas with lower pressure, while fixed jets can massage body fibres more deeply. Several massage programs and intensities can be easily selected from a convenient touch panel and controlled independently from the hydro jets.



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