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Lilla, the heart of the UK Customer Service

Lilla Szekeres, the Senior Customer Service Specialist at Wellis is literally the heart of the UK Customer Service team. Her responsibilities include handling all customer service enquires and complains; arranging repairs and warranty of parts and hot tubs; managing logistics and transportation of Wellis products from Hungary to the UK dealers nationwide, just to name a few. Her plate is full but she ‘has heart made from Wellis’. We have spoken to Lilla in her home-office during the Covid-19 lock-down.

What is a Senior Customer Service Specialist is responsible for at Wellis?

This is a quite complex area in regards to tasks. I am responsible for processing orders, organising shipments, full customer service support and we are also constantly carrying out smaller and larger projects which are added to my duties. We need to be present and up-to-date in all areas, perhaps this is the most important and at the same time the most difficult part of it.

How your usual day at the 'office' looks like? Which workflow fills your time the most?

I will start with the letters left over from the previous day, it’s important to respond in time and help, this is one of the main qualities of a good customer service. Most of my time is spent arranging the transports, as it also depends on the carrier and requires a lengthy preparation, but is worth all the effort.

You have been working for Wellis since 2016. What has changed since you started?

I started exactly 4 year ago this April, which I am very proud of. Much changed since, because originally, I started at the support department, today, however I have a relatively large responsibility as I am handling the whole of the UK’s customer support, which is a difficult task, but I would not give it up for anything.

How did you become an expert in the hot tub industry?

I worked as an event organizer in hospitality at a nearby hotel before I started at Wellis so, I didn’t have much technical experience in hot tubs. This was hard at first, but I received a fantastic specialised induction training which is repeated annually, therefore I am always up to date with the latest developments for our products. These trainings are very important, I am learning a lot and trying to make the most of it.

You are handling customer service and conciliate between the dealers, Wellis management and customers. How can you achieve positive experience and outcome for all parties?

My most important task is to achieve customer satisfaction. For this I have to make my partners feel that they can count on me because I want the best for them. Honestly, finding a balance is not easy, it takes time and trust, which only comes from years of experience. I believe if the customer is happy, then the management is happy. And if all sides are happy then I am happy too.

You hear customer feedback first hand. Are Wellis executives listening to these and if so, how is this being applied in product development and manufacturing? Can you give a specific example?

Yes, they specifically asked to pass them on, as we are for them, they need to know what the customer needs are. It’s not really about product development or manufacturing, but back in the day when the need arose for a warehouse in the UK, I immediately reported it to the management, we looked for the right venue for weeks, spent a lot of working hours on setting it up, and for two years now we are having a warehouse in the UK near Liverpool to ensure that stock is replenished and delivery in handled as fast as possible.

Which was the most interesting customer or other case during your time at Wellis?

The sweetest and most memorable case happened not so long ago, when we received a letter in which a mother asked for our help. Her little son, Ryley has a disability and his dream is to walk. As soon as I saw the letter, I notified my supervisor, Gabriella, because I felt we needed to help. A team of people worked together – to whom I would like thank again for make it happen – and now the little boy is a happy owner of a Wellis hot tub which will help him greatly to achieve his dream. (See video made with Ryley and his family below) 

Do you often meet the UK distributors in person?

Unfortunately, not although it is always a pleasure to meet them, but at least once every January, early February I have the opportunity to meet them at the SPATEX pool, spa and wellness show in Coventry.

What change would you like to see in the future at Wellis Customer Service the most?

I want a Wellis customer service team in the future where the impossible word is unknown and I think we are on the right track to achieve that. We are constantly training ourselves, we are committed and we all have a ‘heart made from Wellis’.

What does Wellis mean to you if you had to describe it in three words?

Family, Cohesion and Trust



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