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Hot Tub Mega Sale until 31st October!


Indulge in a world of unparalleled elegance with Wellis Royal Relaxation, showcasing a distinguished model from our refined 2023 collection at an exclusive discounted rate! Step into a sanctuary of utmost comfort and relaxation – the enchanting domain of Wellis Royal Relaxation spa experience.

A realm where opulence meets serenity, now made more accessible due to our extended Mega Sale, in acknowledgment of its overwhelming acclaim and popularity!

Introducing the Wellis Royal Relaxation: The Ultimate Spa Experience at an Exclusive Discount! Dive into a world of unparalleled comfort and relaxation – the world of Wellis Royal Relaxation. Many have aspired to enjoy the unique ambiance and therapeutic indulgence offered by a luxurious Wellis spa. Today, we’re here to say your aspirations can become reality.

Spotlight on Our New Model – Lugano Life Deluxe:

Introducing the Lugano Life Deluxe from our pristine 2023 collection, designed focusing on energy efficiency, unparalleled performance, and the ultimate massage experience. Originally valued at £7999, it is now available for just £5999, offering a 25% discount, valid until 31st October.

Exceptional Offers on Pluto & Jupiter: HOT TUB MEGA SALE

Pluto and Jupiter: Once priced at £7195, now available at a remarkable price of £4999 each. This opportunity is more than just a discount; it’s your gateway to daily luxury, transforming the conventional into the extraordinary and inviting ultimate relaxation and wellness into your abode. Such exquisite opportunities are rare, so don’t just dream about it – make it your reality!

Secure your access to the Wellis Royal Relaxation spa today and step into a realm of endless tranquility and luxury. Make Your Dreams a Reality!

Due to its overwhelming success and demand, we’ve decided to extend our Mega Sale until 31st October!

Seize this chance to infuse your life with a touch of luxury and relaxation with our Wellis Royal Relaxation Spa. A world of peace and luxury is just a step away with our Hot Tub Mega Sale!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the epitome of luxury and relaxation with our refined and innovative spas. Act now and secure your piece of daily luxury with Wellis Royal Relaxation!

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